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Bulls Blood is back! On January 15th in Portland and January 17th in Roseburg, TeSóAria previewed the new Bulls Blood, straight out of the barrel.

For those who don’t know, Bulls Blood is a Hungarian tradition dating back hundreds of years. Legend has it that when the Ottoman Empire attempted to invade Hungary, they chose to invade the isolated region of Eger, where they outnumbered the Hungarian military ten-to-one. The Hungarians of Eger locked themselves in the castle and tried to develop of strategy to defeat the Ottoman Empire, but they couldn’t think of anything!

Defeated, they decided to break into the wine cellar and drink as much wine as they possibly could. For days they drank, becoming more and more delirious and soaking themselves and each other in wine. They became so incoherent that instead of fighting the Ottomans, they started fighting each other.

However, what the Ottomans saw was an army apparently covered in blood, fighting each other—they had sacrificed their bulls, drunk the blood, and now they Hungarians were demigods! The Ottomans were so frightened by the prospect, after a few skirmishes, they just left. Eger avoided conquest! Hungary celebrates their victory every year with a Bulls Blood Festival.

Our secret blend is anchored by the Hungarian noble grape Kadarka, of which we have the only planting in the United States.

Chef Max would pair the Bulls Blood with “very rich and creamy cheeses, leg of lamb, a nice steak, or something spicy or earthy like olives”.

 Order here, and come to one of our tasting rooms to try it!


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