Media Kit 2016

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Winery Background

TeSóAria is a pioneering winery in Oregon’s Umpqua Valley known for its huge range of offbeat and award-winning wines, its tight-knit wine club family, and its unflinching commitment to social and environmental sustainability. Founder John Olson is constantly innovating with obscure varietals, environmental initiatives, and community events that bring diverse people together around a shared enjoyment of wine, food, and music.

The winery's name comes from three forces that inspire its operations: Terra honors the value of soil and terroir; Sol represents the sun’s life-giving light and soul of the wines, and Aria evokes the magic of music to unite and inspire.

Bella Rosa





Bottle_0017-2 copyLR


Bottle_0030 - LR

Bulls Blood

Bottle_0038 - BB_LR